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nForce Secure Public Company Limited

nForce Secure Public Company Limited (“The Company”) focuses on being a distributor of products that can meet the needs of customers in the field of cybersecurity by offering quality and reputable products in each product category, which can be classified into 4 categories; (1) End Point Security, (2) Network Security, (3) Network Performance and Monitoring and (4)Others, such as Encryption Solution, software related to Authentication and software related to Archiving, etc. Most of the product owners are manufacturers, inventor and developer of its own software and equipment, giving each product unique and different operational capabilities. The products that the Company distributes are internationally famous and recognized, including Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro, Solarwinds, Radware, Giggamon, Extrahop, etc. The product owners that the Company is the distributor are all leaders in cybersecurity fields, whether it is a firewall, anti-virus, as well as anti-malware, authentication and encryption, etc.

Moreover, there are also services related to the products that the Company is the distributor to facilitate customers who use products such as installation services (Installation) and maintenance service (Maintenance), including consulting services for various problems caused by the use of the system or software that the Company is a distributor and training services for the using of system (Training), etc.

The Company's main customers are System Integrators or SI that act as aggregators of various information technology needs of users directly (End User), design and install various information technology systems by presenting in the form of information technology solutions to meet the needs of users directly in the enterprise. The direct users consist of Government and private sectors. The system and technology integrator contractors will work with product dealers (distributors), who are knowledgeable and specialized in the desired products. The dealer will be responsible for the procurement and delivery of the product to be in accordance with the information technology system that the contractor assembles the design system according to the requirements. The system integrator (SI) who are the Company's main customers are mostly well-known companies and have business potential, making them often those who have been selected to undertake various projects of both public and private organizations

Business Operation
Cyber security product solution distributor
  • 1
    Network Security System.
  • 2
    Endpoint Security System.
  • 3
    Network Performance and Monitoring.
Service providers (related to the Company's products)
  • 1
    Installation Service
  • 2
    Training Service
  • 3
    Maintenance Service